I’m Triin, a chef from Estonia, who likes to travel around Estonia and 
Europe (why not the whole world really) doing catering projects in
different places. Most of the time I'm doing that with my partner Kristo.

I have loved cooking from pretty much since I can remember and have been cooking professionally for 11 years. I started off in a pub kitchen, moved on to cruise ships and then on to work in different restaurants and cafés in Estonia and Europe.

My work places have slowly but steadily guided me towards plant-based food to the point I started preferring it. The main transformation happened during the time I worked as a chef at a vegetarian hotel in
England, where I worked with a wide variety of special diets and restrictions. I absolutely loved fulfilling people’s special requests, making them happy and getting their sincere gratitude for going an extra mile for them. It can be rather hard having to ask about everything you put in your mouth so I’ve made it my mission to take away this stress and make people feel good about themselves even if it’s just for a day.

Going through all these amazing experiences, getting all this recognition and gratitude for my work I realised I have so much more to offer so I have to stop playing it small and really put myself out there for everyone to benefit from my knowledge and talent. Now I’m a proud owner of my own international catering business specialised in plant-based, gluten-free, sugar-free etc. foods. I couldn’t be happier I made the decision to stop working for others and take full responsibility for my life and happiness. 

A highly important thing for me is our environment, therefore I give it my all to be sustainable myself and guiding others into the same direction. I love gathering everything nature provides us with - herbs, weeds, berries and mushrooms - and I like sharing my knowledge about all the free delicious food out there. I also use as much local produce as possible both for myself and for my events.

Even though I think it is more beneficial for people and the planet to eat more plant-based than animal-based products, I believe that sometimes it is not the most sustainable choice. For instance in Northern parts of the world it makes sense for me to eat local wild meat and fish instead of highly processed meat alternatives or tropical fruits that have gone through several stages of transportation to get so far up. Given people do it in moderation. Therefore I choose not to be dogmatic in this field and find a healthy balance between my client’s wishes and my principles. Being a flexible caterer is one of the many things my clients love in me.

I’ve catered for several events where people happily eat plant-based food as long as they can get a slice of cheese or an egg as well. Therefore I see it as a huge win that people are open to eating even 90% plant-based food and therefore improve both their's and the planet’s health.

I especially enjoy catering for holistic retreats like yoga and other
self-development events. I love the energy there, people being their true selves, open-heartedly sharing their sincere emotions and gratitude.

I am very adaptive, tolerant and have loads of love in me which I truly
enjoy pouring  into my food and on the people around me. Since I’m a Capricorn I take my work very seriously, I value quality and order. The combination of being emphatic and also bringing my Capricorn values on the table makes me a perfect fit for holistic retreats where it’s important to do the work but also read the room and take people’s emotional journeys into account.

I bring an extra value with me by taking away all the food related stress people might experience at retreats. I always make sure there’s enough for everybody, that every special requirement is fulfilled and that I enter the public spaces with a full heart and give people their space if needed. It gives me tremendous joy to support people in their journeys by doing what I love and do best!